The Gym Diaries of a Lazy Bitca

I'm a nerd. And I've been a lazy nerd for quite a while. I've decided it's time for a change. This is the chronicle of my adventure into the world of health and fitness. Stick around if you like, I make no claims at wisdom, but I'm pretty good company.
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Fruit kebab - kiwifruit, pineapple, grape and strawberry!

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The diet of the Fitblr.

haha his face

This is my life explained in a gif.

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So I went for a run today, almost 20 minutes. Had to stop because I started feeling queezy. The problem of having class until 2pm, so you have to have a late lunch but then it’s winter so it gets dark at 4ish and I for one don’t like running through the woods when it’s pitch black. But I did it, hurrah!

Also made almond flour peanutbutter cookies today, very yummy and the best part is that they are super filling so all afternoon I’ve pretty much just had one and a half small-ish cookies. 

Still don’t know what I’ll do for dinner, MyFitnessPal is telling me I’ve had a lot of protein already today, so I don’t really know what to go for now……Suggestions?


Breakfast: Porridge (Oats and Quinoa, made with water and skimmed milk, cinnamon, half an apple, and some golden syrup)

Lunch: Sallad with flame grilled chicken and cottage cheese

Snacks: Peanutbutter almond flour cookie (well, one and a half technically. They’re just too yummy)

Dinner: ????


Running/Jogging: 20 minutes

Floor exercises: 20 minutes

Lots of walking around NYC


Breakfast: Special K with Soy Milk, and green tea

Lunch: Sallad made of romaine, cold roast turkey and light Ranch (I kind of forgot to go shopping - can you tell?)

Dinner: Wholewheat cous cous cooked with zuccini, bell peppers, onion and tomato.

Snack: Some chocolate (maybe 4 squares) and cheese. Yes, I said cheese. That shit’s like cocaine to me. 

Other: One Raspberry beer


Jokes aside, it was an alright day. Except for the cheese. There was a lot of cheese and crackers. But what the hey, it was really good. And I got a lot of veggies for once so that makes me happy. 

I did it! I went to the gym today, and I was just going to go for a run but instead I ran and did some sets on the weight machines and some floor exercises. Not my usual work out, but a respectable come-back. What I loved the most was that I didn’t feel like I was back at square one. Like I could push myself harder than even what I had been doing. I am taking it slow since it’s been a while since I have exercised and I don’t want to do anything stupid, but man is it hard to do that when you can just feel your body craving to go faster, longer and harder. (That sounds naughty…) I LOVE IT! And yes, I might be a little high on endorphins right now.

No off to make a sallad for lunch!

As I type this, I am listening to some pretty badass rain beat down on the city streets of New York. I’m lounging on my bed in my student apartment, wondering how on earth it is already the 5th of August. My summer in the city is almost over, only one week left before I head back to Sweden. It’s been one hell of a ride. 

Most of it has been great. My class at NYU has been really rewarding, and I ended up getting a pretty awesome internship, and I’ve had some great adventures with my friends. Everything from a Game of Thrones themed burlesque show to picnics on Governors Island. Some of it has been less good. A lot of emotional shit. All that “I’m fine”-crap that I kept telling myself about this whole getting dumped business really stopped working a while ago. It came out of nowhere and really hit me hard. Scared the crap out of me too. It’s not like me to fall apart like that. So that’s been weird. Trying to keep it all together, at least until I get home. 

And as far as staying healthy goes…..well, it’s been pretty dismal. Food wise, not totally disgusting but not exactly a stellar record. There is just so much good food here! And exercise….yeah no. I have walked a hell of a lot, so that’s something. But not nearly enough. I haven’t been able to do Insanity as I planned because I didn’t get the DVDs before I left so they’re waiting for me when I get back. The fact that I haven’t gone to the gym is inexcusable. I’ve just been so tired. And I’ve been wanting to go for a run - but in the forest back home, not in the 95 degree weather on crowded city streets. Still, inexcusable. I am going to make a point of going at least once this week - otherwise I am an utter failure. 

But when I get home I am going to really take charge - Insanity and my daily runs. And if the weather isn’t miserable I’ll go swimming. And good food, all the time. That is the plan.  One week until I am getting of this vacation that my body has been one. One week until I am going to push harder and be stronger than ever before. It has to work this time!

- LB

New personal best - next goal, 5K in 30 minutes!