The Gym Diaries of a Lazy Bitca

I'm a nerd. And I've been a lazy nerd for quite a while. I've decided it's time for a change. This is the chronicle of my adventure into the world of health and fitness. Stick around if you like, I make no claims at wisdom, but I'm pretty good company.


Most people think that having lots of willpower is a sign of being a good or moral person. In reality, willpower is less like a virtue and more like a muscle of the brain. It’s a muscle that can be easily overwhelmed if it takes on too much at once-kind of like your pectoral muscles would be if you tried to bench press a school bus. 
The implications? You are not a good person or a bad person. You are just skilled or unskilled at using this brain resource to accomplish your goals! 

Want to get more skilled at using this muscle? Here are some tips:

  1. Prepare in advance to prevent slip ups 
    -chose a day out of the week to plan and measure out your meals
    -keep healthy snacks with you at all times (fruit, veggies, nuts) 
    -have everything needed for the gym ahead of time so you can just grab your duffle bag & go
  2. Do not take on too much at once  
    -by trying to accomplish too many tasks at once you are more likely to get overwhelmed
    -choose 1 or 2 goals to really focus on at a time
    -once you form a habit, performing these goals become a routine. after you accomplish this you can choose new goals to work on
  3. Do not starve yourself 
    - whether it has to do with weight loss or not, you’re going to have an extra hard time keeping to your goals if you let yourself get too hungry
    - using willpower actually takes real energy!  
  4. Distract yourself
    - it is easier to resist temptation if you are not thinking about it
    - ie. read,  go for a walk, meet up with a friend, paint your nails, etc
  5. Strengthen your willpower by exercising it
    - use your success in one area to build willpower in others 
    - by choosing a healthy snack over an unhealthy snack may also help you choose to go to the gym rather than just sit around and watch tv
  6. Visualize your goals
    - when you feel tempted to do something unhealthy, remember that this small sacrifice will make a big difference in the long run
    - so fantasize how you will look and feel when you finally reach your goal and consider if giving into short-term satisfaction will be worth it
  7. Find a way to make accomplishing your goals fun
    - you are more likely to stay on track if you are doing things you enjoy

It’s never too late to start working on your willpower. 

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